AppSource hat trick: 3 visual scheduling apps in one quarter

For a while, our Marketing claim is the same. We are the company with the most complete stack of visual scheduling software for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. The finished second calendar quarter underlines this claim. We achieved the hat trick and published three visual scheduling apps on Microsoft’s AppSource. With this, the second generation of our Visual Scheduling Suite is taking shape.

Partners and customers from now on can achieve seamless visual scheduling of production orders, jobs, and resources. Also, they can get a comprehensive resource Gantt chart. The latter shows allocations from jobs, service orders, assembly orders, and absences. The Q2 hat trick brought three apps to AppSource. Visual Production Scheduler (VPS), Visual Jobs Scheduler (VJS), and Visual Resource Viewer (VRV). 

Operational agility with visual scheduling

Our mission is to empower every SMB organization to gain operational agility with visual scheduling. Operational agility is the key for companies to operate and grow in unpredictable environments. It makes them robust, responsive, and flexible. Visual scheduling is a key enabler of operational agility. It achieves transparency faster. This allows faster and better decision making when it comes to timing and resource-sensitive planning issues. Faster and better decisions – e.g. on delivery times – turn into happier customers. This fuels growth. At the same time, companies use resources in a more effective way.

The Visual Scheduling Suite

We are on the mission of empowering every SMB to gain operational agility with visual scheduling. This drives our commitment to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. We regard Business Central as an effective SMB business management solution. Yet, Dynamics 365 Business Central lacks any kind of visual scheduling functionality. This is the gap we are closing with the Visual Scheduling Suite.

The principles of the Visual Scheduling Suite have been the same for the past few years:

  • We provide a visual drag and drop front-end to Dynamics 365 Business Central (before: NAV).
  • We directly integrate with the Business Central database. We read from the standard tables and we write into the standard tables.
  • We do not change the Business Central standard tables.
  • That means: you can achieve with our visual scheduling apps what you can also achieve with Business Central. But, the visual scheduling apps help more transparent, faster and thorough scheduling.
  • That means: installation is hassle-free. We speak about a few hours, rather than many days.

Thanks to the Q2 hat trick, the Visual Scheduling Suite for Dynamics 365 Business Central consists of the following three apps: 

  • Visual Production Scheduler
  • Visual Jobs Scheduler
  • Visual Resource Viewer

1. Visual Production Scheduler

The Visual Production Scheduler is an app for small manufacturers working with the standard Business Central manufacturing module. It provides visual drag and drops front-end to production orders, routings, work centers, machine centers, and capacity utilization. It comes with both a production plan Gantt chart and a resource Gantt chart (for work and machine centers). Customers can use the VPS to quickly reschedule production orders – both time and resource-wise.

visual scheduling

2. Visual Jobs Scheduler

The Visual Jobs Scheduler is an app for any company working with the standard Business Central jobs and resource planning modules. It provides visual drag and drops front-end to jobs, job tasks, job planning lines, and resource allocations. It comes with both a project plan Gantt chart and a resource Gantt chart. Customers can use the VJS to quickly reschedule entire jobs and job tasks as well as job planning lines – both time and resource-wise.

visual scheduling

3. Visual Resource Viewer

The Visual Resource Viewer is a complementary app to the VJS. It is for those companies that use the resource planning module for jobs and/or service orders and/or assembly orders. As such, it provides a comprehensive overview in the form of a Gantt chart and takes into account resource allocations from all three functionality areas plus resources’ absences. The VRV is for viewing only and does not support drag and drop actions.

After the launch is before the launch

As much as we are proud of the Q2 hat trick, as disciplined we can resist the temptation of becoming complacent. We have much higher ambitions to support any kind of Business Central use case with proper visual scheduling.

Hence we commit to the following:

  • Provide a monthly update of the VPS – with enhanced functionality and fixed bugs
  • Provide a monthly update of the VJS  – with enhanced functionality and fixed bugs
  • Provide an update of the VRV to support all languages and countries that are supported by Business Central
  • Make the Visual Advanced Production Scheduler (VAPS) available for beta testing in July
  • Release the first version of the Visual Service Scheduler (VSS) at Directions EMEA

Learn more about NETRONIC’s Visual Scheduling Suite and how it can help manage your business. To chat with a consultant contact allonline365 on or  +27 (21) 205 3650. 

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