Choosing the right Food and Beverage ERP solution for your business

Regardless of where your food and beverage business stands in its lifecycle, you’re likely facing the pressures of tough competition and increasing consumer demands—that’s just how this dynamic, fast-moving industry works. As such, it’s in your best interest to always keep an eye out for ways to gain an advantage, and that’s true whether your organization is just coming into its own or is already well-established in the marketplace. 

Considering all of the innovation that has occurred in the past several decades, the place to turn is technology—specifically, food and beverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions. These platforms act as a unified source of truth for all of your departments and can facilitate excellent record-keeping, traceability, food safety and quality assurance practices. 

While the all-encompassing nature of food and beverage ERP offerings make them the obvious choice for businesses looking to future-proof their procedures and product lines, the sheer number of available options can make the task of choosing the one that’s right for your organization a tough task. Not all of these solutions are created equal, and your team will need to devote time and energy to research and the selection process. 

Identifying the Right ERP Solution 

Before diving into more specific features and options you’ll want to be on the lookout for, it’s important to point out that generic ERP solutions are unlikely to be a good long-term choice. The food and beverage industry is complicated and has unique requirements, so you’ll want a system built for the challenges you face every day. 

We’d recommend compiling a list of the specific requirements that are a priority according to your sector. For example, a dairy might be most interested in the controls for costing and assigning grades to their raw milk, but for a meat, poultry or seafood business, catch weight management features may be far more important. 

Forging Forward with a New Foundation 

Upgrading to a food and beverage-specific ERP system can have a transformative impact on your business. The increased agility and confidence that these platforms offer make all the difference in an industry that moves fast and faces a nearly constant stream of new challenges. 

Because an ERP system forms the foundation of your digital transformation and future success, choosing the right one is paramount. Make sure that you spend the time deliberately researching, evaluating and comparing your options—this stage of the project is crucial, so use a critical, discerning eye to find the provider and system that best fit your unique situation. 

A food and beverage ERP solution can break down the information siloes in your organization and unlock better communication, increased efficiency and greater profitability. You’ll be prepared for what comes next with a flexible, accessible interface that all of your staff trust to carry out their responsibilities the right way. 


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