Choosing the right software solutions for your global food business

Implementing an ERP platform for international businesses can be a challenge. Localization? Compliance? Global expansion? Selecting the right platform is not an easy task and could make the difference on where your business stands in the next 10 years. These are the main features to look for. 

One single, global IT solution 

Aptean F&B connects all your systems together; finance, management, business operations, supply chain visibility and so on. This means that all processes, staff, and various locations all work in one system and under the same informational structure. Reporting can be a pretty challenging task that impacts analytics and therefore, your decision-making process. Having a global IT solution creates an up to date and accurate representation on where you company is at, and where it’s going. And this system saves time and money for your business. 

International compliance for your food business 

International compliance creates the main challenge for an international food business. With access to complete food quality and safety and tracking and tracing capabilities, your business needs not to worry about call backs or missing the compliance mark, which could possibly lead to international fees and a blow to the company’s image. 

Standard food specific software 

Your business is going international and growth is steadily happening. To support your businesses’ future vision, when choosing your ERP system, you need to consider modular, systematically expandable approach. Standardized or customizable functionalities are rolled out and integrated in no time in your software platform. 

All data at your fingertips in one system 

Having multiple data inputs from multiple sources can hinder your overview on analytics. With having all data under one software system, you centralize all information under one platform, in a single system. So, you don’t have to worry about how these systems “talk” to each other. Increase the effectiveness of reports without needing external experts to collector and interpret data. 

All locations in one system 

Aptean F&B for Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help you optimize your business processes so that your food company can fully benefit of growth opportunities. Are your locations spread out throughout the globe? We can guide you through all steps of the implementation systems, from business scan to implementation, training and support. This ensures one system, with localized options for all locations. 


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