Digitally transform your retail business with a 50% discount on LS Central SaaS

Digitally transform your retail business with a 50% discount LS Central SaaS

Your retail management system acts as the foundation of your company, ensuring maximum effectiveness and smooth operations throughout all divisions. It makes it possible for you to offer top-notch products and experiences that not only meet but also surpass the expectations of your customers. However, it is disappointing to see numerous retailers rely on outdated legacy IT systems.

Often, these patched-together systems struggle to sync information properly, are difficult to maintain and prevent businesses from providing the services that customers want. Many retailers are concerned about the financial commitment a new system will require. However, upon further investigation, their current technology is already costing them more than a complete technology overhaul. Are you, like many retailers, losing your competitive edge because of your outdated software systems?

If so, this is your opportunity to change that. For a limited time, LS Retail is delighted to introduce the LS Central SaaS Flash Promotion. This promotion offers a 50% discount on LS Central SaaS orders. The promotion is valid to order until October 31, 2023.

LS Central is like the Swiss Army knife of retail management software. It unifies everything a store requires on a single platform, including the point of sale, inventory management, loyalty programs, customer interactions, and even online sales. And Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, a cloud-based ERP system developed by Microsoft, is the engine behind everything.

With LS Central, retailers can run their operations more efficiently, keep their inventory in check, and create exceptional customer experiences. Whether they’re selling in-store or online. It’s the all-in-one solution for modern retail businesses. Some of the reasons why our clients implemented LS Central include.

  • To bid farewell to the headaches of integration issues, data silos, and manual data entry. Instead, they’re aiming to synchronize and update all their information across every point of sale and back-office system.
  • Transform their POS terminal from a simple sales device into a savvy sales assistant. Imagine a terminal that can not only process sales but also provide product details, check inventory availability, place orders, offer product recommendations, and even deliver personalized service—all directly from the POS terminal.
  • Provide their customers with a truly seamless omnichannel shopping experience. This means offering options such as self-service, hassle-free self-checkout, contactless shopping, easy appointments and reservations, tailored services, both in-store and online ordering, efficient delivery, and enticing loyalty programs.
  • To make well-informed decisions, foster collaboration, boost overall productivity and fine-tune their business performance. They achieved this by harnessing the power of real-time analytics and insights.

Retailers need to move away from the fragmented, antiquated systems that are restricting their visibility and ability to compete. To achieve effective digital transformation retailers, need to move toward a unified commerce platform – integrating all operational and transactional data onto a single platform. Allowing them to take control of their customer information, product information, and financial data in real-time.

*LS Central SaaS Flash Promotion Terms and Conditions apply.

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