Dynamics 365 Business Central: Integrates all areas of your Business

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central all-in-one business management solution speaks to the advancement of technology and the necessity for businesses to digitally transform their businesses.

As a business owner, one of the greatest challenges is having a clear understanding of the entire health of your business. Another key component is keeping track of everyone’s roles and responsibilities and the different platforms they are using to complete their day to day tasks. Sounds exhausting right? Imagine having one integrated ERP business management solution that helps you connect your financials, sales, service, and operations into one system. Welcome to Dynamics 365 Business Central – this system allows all silos of data to be imported into one cloud-based solution, so you can connect your business efficiently, make better decisions and grow your business with ease.

Below is a breakdown of a few essential roles within a business and a brief description of how each department can utilize Dynamics 365 Business Central

The Owner

  • Review the health of your business – keep up to date with sales, inventory levels, inventory valuations, project overruns, and even margins.
  • Identify trends & opportunities – transform your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organize so you can focus on what matters to you.
  • Review customer history – within two clicks, you can quickly gain access to see inflows and outflows of cash and determine how other decisions impact cash flow.
  • Manage your business – spend less time searching and more time dedicated to the analysis of your business.

The Accountant

  • Quick access to financials – tailored homepage offers metrics, cues, and shortcuts to key areas within the application.
  • Add new accounts to General Ledger – adding an account is simple and easy. Control the information you need and want for reporting.
  • Enter journal entries – you can manually add entries or import journal entries directly from Microsoft Excel.
  • Analyze an account – improve control of the data accuracy and limit errors.

 The Bookkeeper

  • Manually enter purchase invoices – either in the business application or from Microsoft Outlook.
  • Automate the purchase invoice entries – reduce errors and increase productivity by pulling in the attachment straight from an email and link it to the purchase invoice record.

The Marketing Manager

  • Research the company’s success and failures by accessing a wealth of information through Teams and SharePoint.
  • Create a campaign and select target audiences you have created in the application.
  • Track your campaign by observing statistics such as delivered, costs, time, etc.

The Sales Manager

  • Inspect all overdue sales opportunities – a tremendous amount of relevant data is delivered on the Sales Manager homepage.
  • Access inventory quantities – reduce barriers and create efficiency by allowing users access to key information that is usually limited to admin.
  • Review sales opportunities – additional insights can be gained by leveraging additional apps integrated with Dynamics 365.

The Project Manager

  • Project Manager Role Center launches cues, menus and key tasks associated with creating a job with integrated tasks and planning lines.
  • Approve time sheets submitted by consultants which in turn triggers accounting policies to bill the client.
  • Quickly create and manage customer projects


Now that you have a quick overview of how some of the roles of your business can benefit from using Dynamics 365 Business Central why not find out more about other roles we support? Contact allonline365 on  +27 (21) 205 3650 or email us on info@allonline365.com today!

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