Dynamics Business Central 365 On-Premise Wave 2 Release

Written by | Raoul Smith & Romy Haselsteiner, allonline365

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central On-Premises 2019 – Wave 2 Release

Dynamics 365 Business Central provides a complete business application solution designed and optimized for SMB organizations. Since it’s launch in April 2018, Business Central has seen increasing adoption by organizations looking to digitally transform their businesses. Enter the wave 2 release: Microsoft has officially released the first Business Central version without the Windows Client or Development Environment (C/SIDE) client.

The gap between the web client and windows client is being bridged with the release of some ‘new’ features. The features are not new to the Windows client but new to the Web client.

Some notable features that have been added to the web\universal client include:

1.  The addition of a Navigation Menu and bookmark function

A navigation pane is positioned at the top of the page where selected menu items are rooted for easier access.

When exploring the menu items you will see a bookmark icon in the top right-hand corner that can be selected. Once selected, a notification will confirm that the bookmark has been added to your navigation menu on your role center.

You  can also add bookmarks from the search function

Once you have added a bookmark it will appear in the Navigation Menu in your role center. This new feature adds convenience to each individual who can customize the bookmarks that are relevant to them.


business central

2.  Notes and attachments in Fact Boxes

Improvements to the notes and attachments section have been made in Business Central. Fact Boxes have been broken up into two groups:

  1. Details – Which includes all business-related information
  2. Attachments – Which includes attachment, links and notes options

These Fact Boxes are only shown when needed to ensure a clutter-free screen.

business central

3.  Saving and personalizing list views in Business Central

A powerful feature of Business Central is the ability to customize your data views with advanced filtering, as well as the function to save your data views for future reference.

Users are able to save their list filters and similar personalizations to create different ways of slicing their data. List views are given a name, such as “Items I sell”, and might include:

  • Filters on totals and dimensions
  • Filter tokens (such as %MyCustomers) to dynamically filter to the correct data
  • Different sorting options to allow more complex and tailored views of a list.

Users can quickly switch between different list views which include their own personalized view, or standard views that come with their business application, in apps, or for their role.

Similar to other personalizations, list views roam with users no matter which device or browser they sign into.

business central

4. Easy access to a capability overview in Business Central

The previous version of Business Central did not have the ‘Department’ view that many users have become accustomed too. This has now been added to the latest web and universal client view.

business central

business central

With the latest updates in the Business Central wave 2 release, users can only become more efficient and productive. If your company is looking for a new business solution to assist in digitally transforming your business, contact allonline365 on  info@allonline365.com or  +27 (21) 205 3650 today.

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