Dynamics Mobile App for Van Sales

Dynamics Mobile is a customizable Mobile App for Microsoft Dynamics 365 that facilitates field sales activities on the go for companies operating in the sales & distribution industry. The platform is designed to handle all activities and business operations both in an online and offline mode. Some of the most important issues that our Mobile Van Sales App resolves with ease are sales tracking efficiency, effective time spent on route and performance analytics. 

A common problem that sales distribution companies deal with is not being able to effectively track your sales fleet’s activities in the fieldDynamics Mobile Van Sales App increases the visibility of your sales fleet activities with, where you can easily see how much time is being spent with each customerthe reason for the visit. By automatically tracking all your field sales activities will eliminate the need for manual reports, making managing your business operations easier.  

Optimizing the routes of your sales fleets with our Mobile App allows more productive time to be spent with customers. Dynamics Mobile increases efficiency by proposing sales visits and delivery routes that minimise travel time. The App also allows real time updates of the sales visits and delivery for both supervisors and the customer.


Realtime performance analytics of your field sales team provide valuable insight into critical part of the businesses. Dynamics Mobile Van Sales allows for regular data collection that is visualized into data reports on the App. It gives businesses valuable insights of sales performance data on top salespeople and top customers. 

Salespeople spend a huge amount of their time in the field visiting customers. If the process is optimized providing more customer facetime with the most valuable customers, the performance of your sales team will improve, and they will execute their work faster and more productivelyA higher number of customers will be served daily and the company sales results and bottom line will be improved. 

Mobile Dynamics is fully integrated into Dynamics 365 Business Central.  

For further information on Dynamics Mobile please contact allonline365 on +27 (21) 205 3650, or email us on info@allonline365.com, or visit our website www.allonline365.com 


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