Foodware 365 Traceability

“Even the most novice food manufacturers and processors know the importance of food traceability and the steps required to achieve compliance. But what they may not be aware of is the role a software solution like an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system can play in their traceability, food safety and recall readiness efforts.” 


The Importance of Traceability 


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) an estimated 600 million people fall ill annually due to food contamination and this has led to stricter regulations being imposed on the global Fresh Produce Industry. Product traceability is a key function of any fresh produce business based on the regulations and the threat of a product recall. This threat has the largest impact on profitability in this industry and in the event of a product recall, transparency, speed and efficiency can assist in managing both damage to the business and the consumers.

Benefits of using Foodware 365 


Foodware 365 is an ERP system, specifically developed for the food industry and, allows for complete transparency throughout all stages of product movement, making adhering to food safety regulations a simpler task. Foodware 365 allows product tracing at multiple levels and enables items to be bi-directionally tracked so that there is complete visibility throughout the production process. Using Foodware 365 food companies can take the correct measures at the right time and implement actions to ensure product safety. 


“By leveraging the traceability, quality and preventative functionality built into a specific food ERP solution, you have the ability to optimize your compliance efforts and ensure you’re always adhering to global food safety initiatives and regulations.” 


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