How a food specific ERP will increase your business’s success

Keeping up with a rapid pace of change is a necessity for businesses operating in the food manufacturing industry. For your food and beverage manufacturing company to succeed now and in the future, it’s imperative that you put the right systems in place to keep the organization agile and as prepared as possible to face what tomorrow may bring. 

This process of modernization and implementation of purpose-built platforms is commonly referred to as “digital transformation.” There are several different kinds of software that can be part of such an initiative, but the one that is considered indispensable and can act as your technological foundation going forward is an ERP solution. 

Cloud Deployments for Maximum Flexibility 

In times like these, flexibility is crucial, and one of the best ways to achieve the level you need is with a cloud deployment of an advanced food manufacturing ERP platform. With your employees able to access the system no matter where they are with just a web browser and WiFi connection, you’ll be able to pivot as the need arises and react to new developments that would otherwise interrupt your daily food production processes. 

Formula and Inventory Management  

The recipe and formula management functions of a food manufacturing ERP can empower your research and development teams with the ability to tweak, iterate and perfect novel offerings that meet emergent demands. Knowing you’ll also be working with new suppliers and securing stock of the materials necessary for these new creations, you’ll also benefit from the comprehensive inventory control features that an advanced solution like Aptean F&B ERP can provide.  

Scalability to Allow for Growth 

Knowing that the deployment of an organization-wide platform can be costly and takes many months—if not years—to accomplish, you need to find a system that can last and accommodate your company’s scope as it expands. It must be able to scale with your growth and allow for the introduction of new supply chain partners, products, staff and processes. 

Food manufacturing ERP are designed with this in mind and can ramp up as your operations do, allowing for the incorporation of new lines, roles and departments. With a fully configurable backend that’s built based on the knowledge that the industry is in constant flux and no two businesses face the exact same circumstances, you’ll know your technology can adjust as necessary and will continue to serve for the foreseeable future. 

Checking All the Boxes 

Identifying what sets a particular ERP product apart from another will be of great importance in your selection process. You know that you’re looking for a system that was built for your industry, but pay special attention to the sector- and segment-specific features that any given package offers, including catch weight management for meat and seafood companies or consignment tracking for fresh produce suppliers. 

Aptean F&B ERP has a full suite of such specialized tools, and we also offer the kind of cloud implementations discussed above for a lightweight approach that’s perfect for today’s world. Then, there’s the additional advantage of the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central framework of the platform, which lends it familiarity for many users and provides an intuitive, user-friendly interface. 

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