How intelligent analytics will revolutionize your restaurant

In recent months, the restaurant industry has been going through quite a few changes, and it has become obvious that businesses cannot continue to operate using their old models. Restaurants have discovered that they need to be able to adopt new models of food delivery, quickly. They must be able to make staffing changes immediately. To substitute ingredients and dishes depending on availability. To calculate costs and optimize purchasing, factoring in limited seating, reduced opening hours, and shifting consumer habits.


Traditional technology can’t support these levels of agility the same way intelligent analytics can. Restaurants need to start their digital transformation and they need to focus on building intelligence into the business in order to profit. According to a study by IDC, companies that center their digital transformation on intelligent technology improve their productivity, drive cost efficiencies, and have 8 times the revenue and twice the profitability as non-digitally transformed enterprises.


Some of the practical benefits of analytics are:


  • The ability to find patterns across data such as an increase in customers on rainy days or that more wine is sold than beer with a main course of steak.
  • The optimization of ingredient ordering with a system that calculates orders based on historical consumption patterns.
  • Helping to engineer the right menu that caters to your customer’s tastes while also leaving you with healthy profit margins.
  • Making staffing simple so that you never have too many or too few staff members working at a location at a specific time so that you can make better use of your resources.


To get the true value of intelligent analytics, the first step for restaurants is to get rid of their disjointed applications and move to a unified software solution that covers the entire business from kitchen, to purchasing, to point of sale to accounting. When all the data is collected within the same system in a consistent and reliable way, information can easily be crunched and analyzed to deliver the insights restaurant businesses so sorely need.


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