Is your retail ERP ready to adapt to these technologies?

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Three technologies your retail ERP must adapt to

Retail is changing. For consumers, it mostly is an improvement in terms of price and availability. As a retailer, the change can be frightening and it can bring new opportunities.

1.  E-commerce

A consumer visits your store and asks for a product in blue. They already know it comes in blue but you have already chosen to stock only brown. Your potential customer could walk away and search for a blue product elsewhere. Or, you could already have your supplier’s website connected to your ERP, go online with your customer, and place an order for delivery at the customer’s home within the next few days.

There is no possible way to stock every option and size any product is available in. Online storefronts can have more in a warehouse. Use the tools in your retail ERP to get the sale your customer wants. Don’t compete with online – beat it.

2.  Social media integration

Your customers use Facebook, Twitter, and other sites to research the products you sell. Your ERP can integrate with those sites. Make sure your floor clerks know already what the web has to say so they can talk in the same language with customers. They should also be prepared to overcome objections if a customer is considering a different brand.

The internet already knows someone has checked out a product on Consumer Reports. The internet knows that the person just walked into your store. You need to guide that customer to the product wanted. Your ERP also immediately adjusts your selling price to match the lowest price reported. Did you, your ERP, and social networks on line just combine to make a sale?

3.  Big Data

Your retail ERP collects increasing amounts of data on your customers. You know their name and address. You know how much they have purchased and when the first sale happened. Integrate your ERP with predictive software to help your customers make their next purchase. She has bought new shoes every 3 months in your store. The time for the next purchase is coming soon. What new (and profitable) shoe is available now? Send an email or text with a coupon to her suggesting nicely that you have already found her next pair and it is waiting on the shelf for her visit on Saturday.

New technologies come to light almost every day. Many can help your retail bottom line right away if you know about them and your ERP can use them to help. Maybe innovation in your ERP is the most valuable new technology ERP needs to adapt to. If your retail ERP adapts, you can too and your bottom line will only improve.  

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