Signs you need to upgrade to Business Central

Signs you should upgrade to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

As the countdown continues towards Dynamics GP’s eventual departure, numerous users believe they can continue using it until compelled by Microsoft to shift to Business Central or until server problems arise. Nonetheless, there are unmistakable signs indicating the need for an early strategy to shield your business from potential disruptions. If you’re unsure whether this applies to your situation, here are five clear indicators signaling that it’s time to transition (or at least start planning the transition) from Dynamics GP to BC.


If your business is undergoing significant growth or expansion, Dynamics GP might struggle to manage the escalating data volume and transaction complexity anticipated in the next 1-5 years. Failure to address this promptly could result in performance issues, slower processes, and an inability to cope with growing demands, impeding effective scalability for your business. Migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central offers a more scalable solution with adaptable licensing options to meet your evolving business requirements.

Remote Accessibility

For organizations with a dispersed workforce or the need to access the ERP system from multiple locations, Dynamics GP’s on-premises nature can be restrictive, affecting efficiency and responsiveness. Dynamics 365 Business Central, being cloud-based, provides seamless remote accessibility, allowing users to access and work with the system from anywhere, at any time.

Data Integration

Dealing with the arduous and time-consuming task of integrating various third-party applications and systems with Dynamics GP is unsustainable. These challenges can result in data silos, manual data entry, and limited visibility across business processes. Dynamics 365 Business Central enhances integration with its native capabilities for smooth integrations. Through connectors, APIs, and the Power Platform, users can effortlessly connect with other Microsoft and third-party applications, fostering a unified and connected ecosystem that facilitates seamless workflows.


If you sense lagging behind competitors, struggling to uncover insights within your data, or not optimizing resources efficiently, Dynamics GP’s lack of advanced analytics and AI capabilities will continue to hinder your business potential. Dynamics 365 Business Central offers embedded Power BI for data visualization and analysis, along with the AI-powered CoPilot feature for intelligent suggestions, anomaly detection, and predictive analytics, thereby enhancing decision-making and operational efficiency.

End of Mainstream Support

Experiencing a fear of missing out (FOMO) whenever Microsoft introduces new Dynamics 365 or Microsoft 365 features or encountering limitations with Dynamics GP, including unsupported ISVs, underscores the importance of considering the future. Once GP’s mainstream support ends in 2028, critical security updates, bug fixes, and access to new features will be absent, leaving the system vulnerable and compromising long-term sustainability. Migrating to Business Central ensures ongoing support, maintenance, and access to the latest advancements, safeguarding the ERP environment for years to come.

Even if you don’t intend to migrate immediately or within the next few years, planning the roadmap for your post-GP future is paramount.

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Gantt charts 3

Netronic Boosts Performance with Updates to Visual Scheduler Suite

The Netronic Visual Scheduler is a suite of software tools designed to streamline scheduling processes within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. It offers interactive Gantt charts and visual representations of schedules, allowing users to efficiently create, modify, and track tasks, resources, and projects. Recently, they announced significant updates to these extensions. In this article, we explore the features and changes introduced.

Visual Advanced Production Scheduler

Streamlined data integrity checks

Netronic has introduced a new Role Center Page within VAPS aimed at simplifying data integrity checks. Recognizing the complexity of data patterns within Business Central that can sometimes lead to undesired outcomes or system crashes, Netronic emphasizes collaborative efforts between customers, partners, and themselves, especially during the initial phases of VAPS implementation. The newly introduced page is designed to detect data anomalies early on, expediting implementation timelines and ensuring seamless operation by enhancing the ability to conduct thorough data integrity checks.

VAPS - VAPS role

The page provides insights into various activities, including:

  • Information from Business Central with numbers of production orders and resources.
  • EMAD information.
  • General information about the VAPS simulations.
  • Data validation data for Business Central: the cues appear in red when data is not valid, otherwise they are displayed in green like the other cues.

Move operations via dialog

Previously, users were limited to dragging and dropping one operation at a time or scheduling entire production orders. However, feedback from customers highlighted the need to move multiple operations individually, particularly when dealing with numerous production orders. To address this, Netronic has introduced a feature allowing users to select and move multiple operations simultaneously without affecting their sequence. This is facilitated through the addition of the “Move Operation(s)” context menu item, triggering the “Select Production Order Routing Line(s) to move” dialog. Users can then make further adjustments in the “Move Production Order Routing Line(s) Settings” dialog, defining parameters such as start date, capacity type, and target machine center.

VAPS-move operations menu.gif

Visual Production Scheduler

Viewer Mode

During the Dynamics NAV era, Netronic provided separate licenses for VPS planner and VPS viewer. However, with the transition to Business Central, Netronic consolidated these licenses into one, allowing broader access for schedule adjustments. Yet, as customer feedback poured in and needs evolved, Netronic identified situations where having a visual production schedule in a view-only mode would be highly beneficial. This realization prompted the development of the VPS Viewer Mode.

Why and how: VPS Viewer Mode

  • VPS: shows data directly from production orders.
  • VAPS: shows data from the simulation table (by design, these data can and should differ from the BC production order data).

There are use cases, where “non-production-scheduling-people” want to see the production schedule; Examples:

  • What: check and understand the general production backlog.
  • Why: derive conclusions for delivery time commitments.
Shopfloor workers
  • What: see which production orders are scheduled for today.
  • Why: make operational decisions (if allowed).

Netronic built the VPS Viewer Mode with all cases in mind but focused on the shopfloor.

  • Sales = open schedule, assess backlog, make conclusion, close schedule.
  • Shopfloor = schedule “always on” … on a screen on the floor.
  • Needs to show a fixed period.
  • Needs to be pre-filtered.
  • Needs to update automatically.

In the Viewer Mode, all options for changing the schedule are deactivated, along with the corresponding menus and functionalities, including saving. However, changes to Business Central data remain possible via the Business Central pages.

As usual, the progress window appears during reloading. If a user previously working as a planner switches to the viewer mode after making changes, those changes will be overwritten without prompting (saving is disabled in viewer mode).

VPS - Viewer Mode

Users can select the mode through the designated option in the new “Editing Mode” section within the VPS setup. The Scheduling Mode is set as default.

VPS - editing mode

Depending on the selected mode, the settings offered in the newly added “Automatic Screen Updates” area of the Setup dialog differ:

Viewer mode:
  • whether and how often the view should be updated.
  • whether and how often the view should scroll.
  • whether the current date-timeline is shown and how often it should be updated.

VAPS - Automatic Screen Updates Viewer Mode

Scheduler mode
  • whether the current date-timeline is shown and how often it should be updated

VAPS - Automatic Screen Updates Scheduler Mode

Comprehensive performance improvements

With this release, Netronic has significantly boosted scheduling performance, achieving up to a 30% increase.

Visual Job Scheduler

Performance improvement

Netronic has made substantial improvements in performance, particularly benefiting customers with extensive resources and employees configured as resources.

The complete information can be found in the release notes. And don’t forget to browse the knowledge base for more detailed information found here.

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allonline365 and DynamicWeb partnership announcement

allonline365 and DynamicWeb partnership announcement

We at allonline365, a leading provider of Microsoft Business Solutions, are thrilled to announce the expansion of our solution portfolio through a strategic partnership with DynamicWeb. This collaboration marks a milestone as it allows us to offer our clients integrated eCommerce and Product Information Management solutions designed to help them streamline their operations and elevate their digital footprint.  

By combining our expertise in Microsoft Dynamics 365 with DynamicWeb’s powerful eCommerce and PIM solutions. We can equip our clients with the tools they need to automate and optimize their business workflows. This integration enables them to react swiftly to the ever-changing demands of the market and accelerate their digital transformation. 

This partnership is great news for companies active in or entering eCommerce, which stands as one of the fastest-growing markets in the South African economy. In today’s rapidly evolving digital marketplace, the impact of digital commerce extends beyond just B2C enterprises; B2B companies also recognize the imperative to embrace eCommerce strategies to remain competitive and relevant in their respective industries. 

These are the key solutions introduced with this partnership: 
  • Product Information Management: A powerful single-source-of-truth engine that allows you to consolidate, enrich and validate product data in one place and seamlessly publish product data to your eCommerce, third-party marketplaces, portals, catalogs and more.  
  • eCommerce: A highly scalable B2B, B2C and D2C eCommerce platform that supports multi-language, multi-currency and multi-shops in one platform. Customize front-end, implement headless or use Swift to configure and get a head start. 
  • Content Management System: A modern, scalable and user-friendly CMS developed to support and deliver powerful eCommerce experiences across multiple websites, languages, mobile apps, custom displays and virtually any other interface. 
  • DynamicWeb Marketing: Build and execute automated email campaigns, promotions and flows using existing content, products, blog posts and more and connect with your customers through engaging, consistent messaging, before and after checkout.
About DynamicWeb 

“DynamicWeb is a world-leading provider of CMS, eCommerce, PIM and Marketing solutions for mid/large and enterprise-sized companies. With more than 20+ years in business and more than 12,000 websites developed, we have the experience and the software necessary to create powerful eCommerce solutions.” 

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