Event and reservation management

Manage your diverse events, course workshops, services, bookings, and more - all in one robust platform

Get a holistic view of your business

Gain access to your business by managing all your activities and stores in one central location. LS Activity connects all your data so you have a clear view of sales, items, tickets, and more.

Provide excellent customer service

LS Activity offers an easy to use booking system for your customers. Bookings made will connect to your sales and be finalised in one transaction. This ensures a smooth transaction process for your customers and your business.

Train staff easily

With LS Activity your staff can manage all transactions at the same Point of Sale (POS). This means employees only need to be trained on one system. Multiple systems and lengthy staff training are a thing of the past. Manage all your ticketing, courses, item sales, reservations, and more in one unified solution.

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