LS Central Loyalty Program will increase customer retention

LS Central Loyalty

Introducing LS Central’s Loyalty Programs

LS Central is the unified commerce solution for the retail and hospitality sectors. This end-to-end solution is based on Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and offers robust functionality to increase your bottom line and productivity. One of the exciting modules included in this solution is the LS Central Loyalty Programs that allows you to increase customer retention and sales.

What is the LS Central Loyalty Program?

LS Central Loyalty allows you to connect with your customers in a way that is unique. You can identify your customers and get to know their liking and preferences. As a result, your business can offer them personalised products and services based on their previous purchases. This information provides the opportunity for an increase in sales, as well as up-selling and cross-selling of products and services. Allow your customers to earn points on their purchases across all your sales channels – in-store, app, and eCommerce platform. Customers can then use points as part of their transaction, or gain access to specific deals and discounts. If your business is looking to increase revenue through a particular sales channel, using LS Loyalty can help drive customer engagement. Your customers can choose to take advantage of specific in-store promotions, online or in-app purchases.

LS Central Member Management

LS Central Loyalty forms part of the LS Central Member Management module in LS Central. The member management module can handle multiple user clubs, each with a different set of rules for different types of users. There can, for example, be one club for your customers and another for your staff.

LS Central Loyalty

Each club can have multiple schemes, for example, Bronze, Silver, and Gold. Club members are linked to a scheme but can move between schemes based on specific calculation rules you have set. For example, if a Bronze member spends over a certain threshold, they could move into Silver member status and can receive additional loyalty benefits. Being a member of a club allows customers to access benefits specified by your business, and these can vary between schemes. Discounts of many types and member points are examples of the most important benefits.

The points can be used as payment on the POS, app, or eCommerce platform or as a trigger for discounts. Before the points expire, it is possible to issue a warning to the member that his or her points are about to expire. Expired points are not active in the system but are available for viewing. Points can be given for all or certain purchases, in certain periods, and as part of an offer. Points earned are accessible in journals for staff to record in one centralised system.

Put your customers first

Ls Central Member Management’s focus is about keeping track of loyalty from customers and staff. With the ability to provide points, special prices, offers, and services this will ensure your customers feel valued and return. Getting to know your customers is crucial in your business’s success.

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