LS Central – The Future of Omnichannel Retail

Omnichannel retail is the integration of both online and physical commerce experiences, and is the key to brand resilience in the coronavirus crisis. During these uncertain times consumers appreciate and enjoy the ability to choose their shopping experience, whether that be online or in a brick-and-mortar store. Unifying your retail experience for consumers has many benefits such as data availability, increased sales and a boost in customer loyalty. 


Unified omnichannel commerce allows for instant stock visibility on all shopping platforms, and a view of consumer habits to personalize and improve the retail experience. “According to Forrester research, 71 percent of customers expect to be able to see available inventory online. Easy access to product availability is more likely to convert visitors into shoppers, and therefore grow your customer base.  


The collection of data with omnichannel commerce allows retailers to turn their data into action. The ability to increase customer engagement through personalized communication and offers, which results in an expanded and diversified customer base. Although just the collection of data is not sufficient as many retailers use separate, badly-integrated solutions. A unified commerce solution that captures all your customers’ shopping behaviors and collects that data in one place can create a complete view of your customers. 


The future of retail is a seamless and all-encompassing shopping experience. “Retailers that focus on customer experience and respond with agility and innovation in their omnichannel experience will fare better and strengthen their ties to customers.” 


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