Advanced statistical forecasts

Predict what stock you'll need to purchase and transfer and transfer to your stores locations, so you can maximize your sales and minimize out of stocks

Demand forecasting at your finger tips

LS Forecast is an extra calculation method that extends the capabilities of your LS Central solution. The advanced algorithms used by LS Forecast sets it apart from other forecasting options out there. Gain access to your sales history, market trends, suggested quantities, and more. This AI-driven solution will give you more accurate sales forecasts and ensure you never run out of stock.

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ls retail reporting

A forecasting tool business owners can use

There is no need for data analysts and IT staff when using LS Forecast – no prior experience is required. Upload your data to LS Insight and let this powerful solution analyse your sales history to predict the most likely sales patterns for your future bottom line.

Pay for what you use monthly

A monthly subscription that allows you start small and add more items as you need them. This cost effective solution allows you to set an LS Forecast cap limit to ensure you do not exceed your desired monthly expense. Once you have reached your threshold the system will return back to using the standard LS Central replenishment methods like Average Usage.

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