Cloud-based AI product recommendation engine

Analyze your shoppers behavior and deliver product recommendations to your customers. LS Recommend provides insight to your staff and eCommerce site.

Personalised offers for your customers

LS Recommend lets you understand your customers better. Available on multiple touch points, including POS, mobile, e-commerce, and loyalty apps. By analysing your sales and customer data, LS Recommend allows you to monitor your customers interactions and preferences with your business, and suggest goods that are relevant to them.

Increase sales by up-selling and cross-selling

The power of using artificial intelligence (AI) machine learning for retail allows you to utilise data effectively, and provide recommendations and engagement for your customers. This enables product discovery based on your customers interactions with your business and ultimately increases conversions. Match your customers interests and increase your bottom line.

Equip your staff with real-time knowledge

Using LS Recommend will change the way your staff interact with your customers and help them exceed their sales targets. This support tool empowers your front-line employees with the information they need to engage and recommend personalised products for the customer.

Provide customers with the ultimate experience

Using your sales data allows you to effectively predict product recommendations for your customers. Utilising this information will provide a seamless shopping experience and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty.

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