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Unified commerce software solutions

LS Retail allows you to manage your business centrally from front to back with one single software system. No added complexity, no inconsistent data, no struggle. All our solutions can be deployed on-premises or in the cloud.

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Innovative technology and meaningful data

Get innovative business software that will help you meet and anticipate fast-changing consumer habits. Document, identify and analyze insightful data and take immediate action. It’s quick, it’s easy, it’s now.

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Seamless customer experiences anytime, anywhere

Give your customers an outstanding shopping experience across all your sales channels and ensure their loyalty and repeat business. Offer fast and accurate service, personalized deals, recommendations and more.

LS Retail is the perfect software solution for all types of businesses


Gain an edge over the competition with our comprehensive software solutions for retailers. Obtain an end-to-end view of your business, streamline your inventory, enhance your POS terminals and offer your customers an exceptional Omni-channel shopping experience.

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  • View Electronics Stores
  • View Furniture Stores
  • View Grocery Stores
  • View Pet Stores
  • View Pharmacy
  • View Leisure and Entertainment
  • View Duty Free and Travel Retail
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Restaurant & food service

Streamline your whole business, control your costs and deliver your food quick and accurately with our end-to-end software solutions. Our system lets you centrally manage your inventory, kitchen, restaurant floor and POS terminals, so you can always make sure that you are running a productive, successful operation.

  • View quick service and fast casual dining
  • View full service restaurants

Manage your whole business from one software platform

The retail industry is tough, fast-moving and extremely competitive. From multi-channel presence to complex inventory to enhanced customer service, retailers face an increasing number of challenges in their day-to-day operations.
Omni-channel retail is a major part of business today: customers around the world increasingly want to be able to access their favourite brands, get information and shop through a variety of channels. E-commerce sales continue to grow rapidly while traditional stores are being transformed into show rooms and entertainment centres. Mobility is expected more and more not just outside the store, through apps and loyalty schemes, but also inside the shop itself.

Managing a multi-channel operation is hard – it becomes even harder when too many IT system are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different platforms often cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs.

With LS Retail you will be able to meet all these challenges and more, consolidating your business today, tomorrow and beyond.

Go mobile, stay local, with LS Retail

Reduce your costs and save time

With LS Retail you will work only on one fully integrated and complete platform, saving on software and system administration costs as well as eliminating the hassle of dealing with multiple different IT systems. In turn, you will:

  • Eliminate time spent on aligning data from different sources
  • Eliminate inconsistency that leads to unreliable financial data
  • Eliminate loss of sales because of stock outs and wrong pricing
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ls retail protect margins

Protect and improve your margins

LS NAV will give you better control and overview of your operations through a number of modules, which will help you:

  • Optimize your staffing and quality of service
  • Reduce capital binding in inventory
  • Reduce loss and fraud
  • Reduce markdowns
  • Analyse your vendor performance
  • Achieve your profit targets

Increase sales opportunities and customer retention

LS NAV helps and supports your sale and marketing strategies aimed at attracting new customers and enticing your existing ones through:

  • advanced upsell, cross-sell and right-sell functionalities
  • tailored loyalty and membership programs
  • offering personalized deals and promotions
  • managing gift cards and physical and electronic coupons
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ls retail inventory

Optimize your inventory and replenishment

By managing your inventory in an optimal way, LS NAV can help you:

  • Free up working capital
  • Lower inventory levels by up to 35%
  • Reduce workload through automation: Replenishment can be done
    automatically or manually
  • Encounter fewer stock-outs
  • Experience faster return on investment

Retail Point of Sale Software

Offer your customers fast and error-free operations at the register with LS NAV’s versatile and intuitive Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS/POS) system. The POS terminals are easy to set up and manage, and support the use of both keyboard and touch screen equipment.

Gain immediate access to transactions and events happening at POS thanks to the powerful data replication system. Provide your customers with outstanding service as our POS terminals accept multiple currencies and are configured for gift cards and vouchers.

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ls retail in-store management

In-store management

LS NAV In-Store Management is a user-friendly tool for staff management with powerful back office functionalities. Monitor your key performance indicators (KPIs), manage your inventory, prepare a season, pre-plan purchasing and decide how to distribute retail items – all from your headquarters. The manager can enjoy total control of activities within the stores, while the system handles fast and accurate replication of data between the POS terminals, back office and head office

Inventory management

LS NAV’s merchandising and replenishment functionalities help retailers save time and money by streamlining their inventory. LS NAV’s inventory feature allows for both automatic replenishment, including forecasting based on sales history, and manual replenishment with allocation planning for multiple stock locations.

The wireless inventory feature means that you can carry out all your store inventory processes on handheld devices, and your staff has live access to inventory on their POS at any time.

la retail inventory management
ls retail product management

Product management

Have a clear overview of your products and increase your sales with LS Nav. Centrally manage and update products, prices and offers for all your sales channels. Gain important business insights into your sales by managing your products through different dimensions – check which colours, sizes and styles are most popular, and reorder based on this intelligence. Manage offers and loyalty to ensure returning customers.

Workforce management

Manage your staff from headquarters and maximize their productivity with LS Nav. Through our system, management can easily plan and distribute staff rosters, handle sales commissions and oversee and approve work hours throughout the whole business. The powerful salary-related functions let you compare actual staff costs against your budget.

ls retail workforce
ls retail reporting

Reporting & analysis

Have an instant overview of your business, analyze your sales data and decide the optimal strategy for your operations with our in-depth reports and analyses. Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses by gaining real-time insights into your business’s key financials. And since LS NAV is cloud-enabled, you will be able to access your business data whenever you need it, wherever you are via your browser.

In addition to the built-in reporting and analyzing tools, you can enhance your system with extra Business Intelligence (BI) tools to get an even deeper insight into your business data.

Mobile & e-commerce

Put your customers at the heart of your business with the LS AV suite of mobile applications. Manage customer loyalty with personalized offers, promotions, incentives and product info across the channels. Satisfy your customers’ need for personalization by allowing them to order special, out-of-stock and customized items. Manage online ordering easily and fast, and allow your customers to pick their items up in store with our “click & collect” feature.

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