3 Steps to accelerate compliance in your organization

microsoft 365

Microsoft is uniquely positioned to help you with your compliance journey

Microsoft 365 brings together the best of Windows 10, Office 365, and Enterprise Mobility + Security to help secure and manage the environment.

Assess your company’s risk 

A real-time assessment of your compliance posture with actionable insights to improve your data protection capabilities.

Help protect and govern your data

Integrated data governance and protection of your sensitive data across devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises environments.

Respond efficiently to regulatory requests 

Efficiently respond to regulatory requests by leveraging AI to find the most relevant data.

Assess your company’s risk with Microsoft 365

Gaining visibility into your company’s compliance posture can help you identify the right activities to improve it. You need to be able to:

  • Perform ongoing risk assessments against regulations and standards.
  • Connect regulatory requirements with technology solutions and enhance data protection.
  • Simplify compliance workflows with built-in collaboration and audit-ready reporting tools.

Compliance Manager, included with Microsoft 365, provides a single, intelligent score that reflects your compliance performance against data protection regulatory requirements. It also includes tools for simplifying compliance processes and targeted recommendations you can follow immediately to improve your risk profile.

Help protect and govern data with Microsoft 365

Automatically classify, manage, and retain information

Protecting data require knowing what you have and how sensitive it is, which can be achieved by integrating classification and labeling your data workflows. WIth Microsoft 365, you can gain Advanced Data Governance so you can easily implement powerful classification and retention policies and triggers to ensure data is preserved, archived, and deleted appropriately across devices, apps, cloud services, and on-premises environments.

Control cloud data access

Cloud computing requires a trusted relationship with your chosen cloud provider. However, you may need the ability to restrict access to sensitive data by the provider’s support engineers.  Microsoft 365 supports this level of control with Customer Lockbox functionality, which enables you to specifically approve, revoke, and monitor support requests that require access to data. Actions taken within a Customer Lockbox request are logged and auditable to provide additional assurance.

Enhance email security

Email is a critical mode of communication for most businesses, but without the right tools, it can lead to data leaks. Microsoft 365 delivers easy-to-use email encryption so sensitive emails can be rights-protected. Even outside your organization, only authorized individuals will be able to access the information in an encrypted email. With Office 365, your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, using several strong encryption protocols and technologies that include Transport Layer Security/Secure Sockets Layer (TLS/SSL), Internet Protocol Security (IPSec), and Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Meet advanced regulatory needs

Using cloud services can relieve you of many of the burdens of managing secure data access. However, in some regulatory environments, you may be required to maintain direct control of encryption keys, which are used to decode protected information. In Microsoft 365, with Customer Key, you can control your organization’s encryption keys and then configure Office 365 to use them to encrypt your data at rest in Microsoft’s data centers.

Respond efficiently to regulatory requests with Microsoft 365

Unify eDiscovery

The ability to respond to discovery requests and manage information in the context of litigation is critical to compliance. With Office 365 as part of Microsofts 365, you can create cases, put content locations and users on hold, search for responsive content, and refine results for relevance, all from a single solution.

Find responsive information

Machine learning technologies quickly and precisely identify documents relevant to a particular theme to help you find text and metadata in content across your Office 365 assets. This reduces the responsive data set required for review, helping keep litigation related cost and time investment in check.

Meet audit requests more easily

Compliance-related audits often require a wide range of specific documentation. Microsoft 365 provides quick access to audit-ready reporting and insights across your Microsoft services in the Service Trust Portal. It provides a variety of content, tools, and other resources about Microsoft security, privacy, and compliance practices, as well as third-party audit reports of Microsoft’s online services.

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