Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing

Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is an end-to-end manufacturing solution that includes the capability to seamlessly connect people, assets, workflow and business processes to empower resilience in organizations. The need for secure remote access to factories and customer assets is accelerating the digitization of manufacturing. As rising costs, supply chain issues, skills gaps, and challenges related to COVID-19 escalate, manufacturers must look to intelligent cloud and intelligent edge solutions to build smart, agile factories. 


Microsoft Cloud solution is using a tool called a digital twin to make manufacturers more agile and innovative. A digital twin is a virtual replica of a physical object, machine part, system, process, or entire lifecycle. This technology allows real-time monitoring and control, the ability to learn with artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), and a method for improving systems and designs over time. 



The capabilities that Microsoft Cloud have for businesses include the ability to digitally empower your workforce, operate safe and agile factories, and creating more resilient supply chains. This solution is able to connect employee devices and data to people workflow and business processes to optimize production. 


Microsoft Cloud for Manufacturing is fully able to integrate with solutions such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Microsoft Teams and Microsoft Power Platform.  



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