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3 Essential Distribution ERP Reporting Tools

Distribution ERP reporting has continued to evolve over the past couple of years. Modern reports share valuable information, but also make effective calls to action. These reports can provide your distribution business with a competitive advantage and increase profits.

Do your employees and customers see this potential in your distribution business and your ERP reporting? Your ERP system should have built-in capability; it is up to you to put that capability to use.

As an example, reports include the forms we use every day and the once-in-a-lifetime report we made to the local chamber of commerce. The packing list we print out for every shipment is a report. So is the check we write to pay the utility bill. Every business, including distributors, has a wide variety. Some are considered necessities, but the best ones help us earn more profit.

Real-Time Dashboards

Dashboards are an under-utilized tool in distribution ERP reporting. You could have a selection of real-time demand metrics on the login page of your distribution ERP. You will know the inventory levels for key products, you will get updates from suppliers warning you of delays and you will be able to view these metrics from one, easy to access section of your distribution ERP.

Would the purchasing people enjoy a dashboard that showed the orders you booked today along with any materials required for those orders? The data is already in the ERP, are you reporting it to the right people in the right way?

Inside-Out Reports

You can also utilize inside-out reports. One example might be a report that shows today’s output in tons available to ship to your customer. Nothing has to print. The report is pushed to the customer’s buyer so they can instantly see how much we have ready to serve their needs.

Outside-In Reports

How about an outside-in report? Your customer allowed you to attach a gauge to their tank so we can see the level at any time and we are authorized to fill it whenever it falls below an agreed-upon level. This isn’t a report for the vice president. The truck driver gets this one and he loads up and fills the tank for the customer.

Another example is asking your construction customers for a forecast of how much concrete they will buy in the next year. Or you could monitor building permits and planning department data and forecast within your distribution ERP reporting system based on real-time data from the best source.

It is time to put on your thinking cap. What distribution ERP reporting features could give your business a competitive advantage? allonline365 is here to help you work through the aches and pains of your business to ensure your business is running optimally. Speak to one of our consultants on or  +27 (21) 205 3650 to help you choose the right reporting tools for your business.

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