New releases in Visual Production Scheduler for D 365 Business Central

visual production scheduler

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New release of Visual Production Scheduler for Dynamics 365 Business Central

As promised, Netronic is continuing to update us on new releases for the scheduling models for Dynamics 365 Business Central, Below are the latest releases for the Visual Production Scheduler (VPS).

#1  Show a progress bar

This is a major new feature that came with the July release of VPS. You can now decide whether to display a progress bar for production order routing lines of released production orders. For this, Netronic implemented a new option in the “Setup Dialog” where you can select whether to show a progress bar at all or one by quantity or by time.

visual production scheduler

The color of the progress bar depends on the routing status and the percentage of completion:

  • Status “finished”: black
  • Status “none”, “planned”, and “in progress”:
    • Progress by quantity/time < 100%: grey
    • Progress by quantity/time (i.e you have posted more than initially planned) > 100%: red

visual production scheduler

When you have switched on “Automatic scheduling of predecessor” and/or “successor” the operations routing status is being taken into account, so if you want to move an operation that’s in progress or whose predecessor/successor is in progress, you’ll receive a warning message and can cancel or continue your action:

visual production scheduler

#2 Visualize the setup times

One of the new features of the August release has its origin in customer feedback Netronic got for the .NET add-in and applies to the Capacity View. Users explained that rather than the wait time, the setup time was really relevant to them and that they wanted to see it at a glance.

Their wish was Netronic’s command and now they offer a context menu for showing or hiding the setup times at the bar.

The setup times are visualized as a grey section at the beginning of the bar.

#3 Show/hide non-working periods

This feature was already part of the .NET VPS and Netronic has now added it to the D365 BC app.

Some planning situations require to focus on the working periods of a work or machine center only. If so, click the new “Calendar” item in the “Actions” menu to select the desired option:

visual production scheduler

After having selected the “Hide non-working period”, you’ll only see the non-working periods that are unique to some work and machine centers.

#4 New data filter

The VPS now offers a data filter that applies at the data interface so that the amount of loaded data will be reduced. To specify the filter settings, open the new “Edit data filter” dialog that can be reached from the “Setup” dialog:

visual production scheduler

If, for instance, you want to see released production orders only, enter the relevant criteria:

After having confirmed your choice and having reloaded the data, the result will be as shown below:

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