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Office 2010

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Support for Office 2010 is ending – get current with Office 365 ProPlus

The way Microsoft works has changed. When Microsoft launched Office 2010, its aim was to help customers unlock their potential with best-in-class tools they could use to be more productive. Ten years later, the very definition of productivity has changed significantly. To succeed today, businesses must help employees work collaboratively, from anywhere – and on schedules that fall outside the traditional nine-to-five framework. Meanwhile, staying ahead of ever-more-sophisticated security threats has simply outpaced the capacity of human vigilance alone.

“Powered by the cloud and artificial intelligence (AI), Office 365 ProPlus is the future of Office, and I believe it’s the tool you need to keep your business successful and secure. In one year – on October 13, 2020 – extended support for Office 2010 will end,’ says Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft 365.

“So my message to you today: Upgrade to Office 365 ProPlus, a product built for today’s challenges and literally getting better all the time, as we continue innovating across – and investing in – the experience,” said Spataro. Consider just a few benefits: AI and machine learning to advance creativity and innovation, real-time collaboration across apps, and Microsoft Teams as the hub for teamwork. With built-in, cloud-powered security to protect your data, Office 365 ProPlus also provides the peace of mind that comes with knowing your business will not only be productive, but safe.

Here are a few of Jared Spataro’s favorite features and enhancements since Office 2010 was released:

  • Excel XLOOUP – With Office 365 ProPlus, Excel supports over a million rows of data and more ways to help you make sense of all that data, including chart types like sparklines and funnel. And if you’ve been using VLOOKUP formula for working with data in Excel, you’ll be as excited by its successor XLOOKUP, which addresses Microsoft’s most common user feedback and takes advantage of recent backend changes to improve calculation time. XLOOKUP is available today to Office Insiders, with general availability coming later this year.
  • Excel: Coauthor and collaborate – Coauthor spreadsheets from any device laptop, PC, or mobile – and see edits in real-time. And with threaded comments and @mentions, you can invite collaborators to conversations and make sure everyone has context on evolving content. In fact, co-authoring and collaboration are unique features across all of the Office apps with Office 365 ProPlus, thanks to the power of the cloud.
  • Word: Dictation – People spend too much time recording audio interviews on their phone, and then even more time transcribing those conversations into Word. Earlier this month, Microsoft announced a solution that lets you upload audio files or record new ones on the fly, all within Word. Once your audio has been uploaded or recorded, Word leverages your OneDrive account to securely store the audio files, and – using Azure Speech Services – displays a written audio transcription in the side panel. You can even bring relevant snippets based on speakers, and use the interactive panel to jump around the recording to find and verify the perfect quote.
  • PowerPoint: Designer – Powered by AI, PowerPoint Designer helps you build professional-level presentations by offering up suggested slide designs. These include compelling photo slides along with process diagrams and timelines and iconography. Today, Designer offers up millions of slide suggestions to PowerPoint users every single day.
  • PowerPoint: Modern input (Inking, Voice, 3D)PowerPoint users are also loving new Inking capabilities to Microsoft’s Office apps, including Inking in Slide Show for PowerPoint on the web and Ink Replay to bring presentations to life. Other new innovations help people be more productive when away from their desks – utilizing voice, digital pen, and touch across Office 365 and Microsoft’s Surface devices.

“Ending support for Office 2010 marks the end of an era. While I love being part of the team that is committed to building the best productivity tool to unlock human potential, what really motivates me is seeing the future that cloud technology is enabling. None of the above features are available in Office 2010 – or even Office 2019. To build them (and many more) we need the power of the cloud. This technology allows us to partner with customers like you to co-invent the future of the workplace. I can’t wait to see what you and your business achieve with Office 365 ProPlus,” said Jared Spataro.

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