Production issues in manufacturing

production issues in manufacturing

Common production issues in manufacturing that businesses face

When assessing a client’s pain points we come across production issues in their manufacturing processes to be a big problem. We would like to highlight the production problems that businesses face and talk about a solution that can assist in streamlining your processes to ensure a top-end product is produced and your customers have a positive experience.

1.  Quality problems

High Defect Rate = Poor Quality = High Return Rate = Affected Bottom Line.

This waterfall effect will have a serious impact on your business. You need to manage your production line in all phases of the manufacturing processes. Your business solution should include the checking of raw materials per batch that sets foot in your doors to ensure it is up to your standards. Processes need to be implemented throughout the manufacturing process to ensure that quality standards are met before the product is moved to the next phase of production. Your business needs to optimize its processes and workflows. Remove time-consuming and labour intensive tasks.  Adopt a more automated approach to help reduce your material waste, use your equipment to its full potential, and ultimately have more control over your production line.

2. Output problems

Let’s say your business is battling to keep up with supply and demand. This is still an issue businesses are facing, even though the fourth industrial revolution is upon us. Businesses are experiencing long lead time, they have a high inventory rate, impossible production schedules, and incompetent supply chain processes.  Your business needs to be able to calculate bills of materials and standard costs.


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