Challenges for Professional Services Companies

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Resource Utilization

In Professional Services the efficient utilization of your staff is critical as they are highly skilled and well-paid employees who are in high demand and must be utilized effectively, productively and profitably.

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Lack of visibility

Profitability requires accurate estimates of project tasks and resources, meeting project milestones & deliverables and meeting client expectations. Hence, you need insights across the entire operation.

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Manual Processes

Without automation, your staff manually capture data into spreadsheets. Manual entry is cumbersome, prone to errors and is difficult to get the depth of information required for decision making.

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Profit Control

To manage profit margins effectively, Professional Services companies need visibility throughout all phases of the project to track costs and revenue. It is Critical for you to have an insight into these key performance indications.

Silos of Data

Having data in separate systems or spreadsheets makes it difficult for you to access information for decision making. Disparate systems also effect coherent workflows and business process compliance.

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Poor Reporting & Analytics

Professional Services companies need reporting tools that can easily access all data related to your business and generate accurate and timely information for decision making. Both performance and predictive.

Features & Benefits

professional services multiple projects

Multiple Projects

Create multiple projects with WBS and multiple tasks and task groupings. Each task can have a budget and can be done for whatever period of time you need. Has the ability to copy WBS and tasks from a similar project

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Project Quote & Invoice

A new Job Quote report enables you to quickly email a customer the price for a project. You can plan and invoice the job in a currency other than the local currency, using Jobs together with multiple currencies.

time sheets professional services

Time Sheets

Timesheets is a simple and flexible solution for time registration with manager approval.

resource charges professional services

Resource Charges

Manage alternative costs for resources and resource groups. Costs can be fixed, based on an additional percentage or an additional fixed charge. Define as many work types as you need.

Resource Utilisation

Track and manage all your resources throughout a project’s life to ensure that resource utilization is maximized. Accurately manage labour, and third-party services to ensure job profitability.

project estimation professional services

Project Estimation

You can quickly estimate projects based on standardized costs from previous projects with similar requirements, qualifications, timeframes, and headcount.

project status professional services

Project Status

Automatically track employee timesheets and project milestones. Dynamic 365 Business Central offers a real-time view of a project’s costs, whether a project is running over or under budget, and whether the project is meeting key milestones on time.

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Choose Profitable Projects

Don’t commit valuable resources on less profitable assignments. Dynamic 365 Business Central has the ability to assign your valuable resources to the most profitable projects or customers with tools to view resource availability. As well as optimize demand planning and sales forecasting.

complete visibility professional services

Complete visibility of project costs

Are you aware of all the costs of a project? From the initial sales visit to the final invoice. This enables you to track all costs, time, and resource allocation to be able to identify the profitability of each project and offer guidance to future projects.

resource allocation professional services

Resource allocation

Have the ability to allocate resources during the proposal phase, ensuring that the required resources will be available throughout the project.

Solutions for Professional Service

Dynamics 365 Business Central – Professional Service
  • Company wide solution
  • For small and mid-sized companies
  • Pay monthly for what you use
  • Financial Management and Accounting
  • Multi-currency and Multi-language
  • Sales, Marketing, Service [CRM]
  • Purchasing and Payables
  • Sales and Receivables
  • Project Management
  • Resources
  • Capacity Planning
  • Timesheets
  • Human Resource Management
  • E-Services
  • Workflow and Approvals
  • Document Management
  • Reporting & Analytics
  • In cloud or on premise
  • Access anywhere on any device
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Professional Service - Industry Solutions
  • Subscription Billing
  • Project Management Reports – Jet Reports
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