Technology to boost hotel revenue during times of crisis

As hotels begin to cautiously open their doors to the public, they’ve had to make some big changes to keep their staff and guests safe – and it’s affecting the entire experience, from how guests check in to where they eat their meals during their stay. 

In an industry known for being hands-on and personal, technology is stepping up to assist where human touch and interaction are no longer deemed safe. Even as businesses fight for survival, many recognize that investment in training, technology and safety will pay off, both now and in the long term. Indeed, the World Economic Forum describes this as the “iPhone moment” for the hospitality industry. 


With this in mind, here are areas where you can use technology to transform the hotel experience for the better, and ensure a successful transition to a post-Covid-19 future: 

Attracting guests back 

The hotels that deliver on safety will differentiate themselves quickly. Consider, then, fine-tuning your booking tools to remind customers about the measures you’ve put in place and any restrictions they need to be aware of before their stay. Good communication and reassurance is key. While many brands are tempting guests back with amazing offers and presale deals to stimulate demand and generate income, those that clearly demonstrate and communicate the new measures they’ve taken to keep their guests safe will earn consumer trust. 

Contactless check-in/out 

Guests want keyless and contactless check-in and check-out services. They want to be able to simply walk into the hotel, go up the elevators or stairs by themselves without touching anything and know that the room they are stepping into is clean and safe. 

Experts say that contactless will be the new currency in hotels. Right now, self-service check-in/out technology is the number one feature for maintaining a safe distance between guests and staff in the hotel. Anything that minimizes human involvement and touch is key. 

Linked directly to this is contactless payments. As guests bypass the terminal at the front desk, so too will they expect to be able to pay for all hotel services without handing over their card or cash. Paper credit card authorization forms will soon become a thing of the past. 


Proactive hotel operators understand that generating higher revenues and greater profitability isn’t simply about adjusting room rates up and down. Your success hinges on guest experience, and on creating loyalty and returning guests. To create experiences that hit the mark you need to thoroughly know your guests. 

Hotels recognize that now is the time to implement new technology to change the guest experience for the better and streamline their services. While today the focus is undoubtedly on contactless technology, those that take a more holistic approach to transforming their operations and prioritize technology integration – choosing a property management system that can quickly activate and manage an array of contactless services – over quick fixes will open the door to endless possibilities. 


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