The Importance of Physical Retail

Due to the pandemic eCommerce sales greatly increased as many more consumers opted for an online retail experience, but eCommerce still makes up a small percentage of total retail sales. The majority of retail still happens in physical locations. There are many reasons why retailers should invest in their physical locations, with the most notable being increased sales. 


According to KPMG research, the top reason why consumers prefer to shop in physical stores is to see, experience and test products in person before buying them.” Seeing the physical product helps cement the sales decision with many consumers and also lowest the return rate as customers can correctly choose the right product fit. Research has also shown that customers are more inclined to buy additional products when shopping at a physical store. Decreased returns and the purchase of additional items both increase profit for retailers. 


Another reason to invest in your physical location is the ability to use it as part of your supply chain. Using a physical store dually as a warehouse will streamline and reduce the costs of inventory management. The easy availability of stock to customers will help increase sales, while decreasing logistic costs. 


According to a survey from Harvard Business Review, shoppers who buy both online and in physical stores tend to spend more on average compared to those who interact with a business on only one channel.” The future of retail is omnichannel and retailers should not neglect to invest in both. A modern and fully integrated retail solution like LS Central should be an essential part of any retailer’s business in order to provide a seamless shopping experience, both online and in-store. 


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