Zetadocs Expenses App

Managing your business expenses can be a complicated and time-consuming activity, with employee costs and office expenses. One of the most beneficial things a business owner can do is correctly track their cash flow. This allows for better money management, happier employees, easier tax filing and the added advantage of truly seeing how profitable their business is. 


An expense management system is the most accurate and easiest way to monitor business expenses. The award-winning Zetadocs Expenses app provides seamless integration with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. Zetadocs Expenses provides multiple advantages to the three main stakeholders in the expense submitting process – the submitter, approver and processor. such as the ability to be used on web and mobile, management of corporate credit cards and the easy implementation. 


As the Zetadocs app is available on both browser and phone apps, this allows users to take screenshots of receipts on the go. This means that expenses can be approved almost instantly, and therefore no uncertainty or overspending. Watch a short demonstration video on how to capture cash expenses with Zetadocs Expenses: 


Corporate credit cards are easily managed with expenses being pulled directly from card payments rather than being manually entered, which saves cardholders and finance managers time. The app also allows for immediate access to digital receipts and every expense detail. 


Zetadocs Expenses is a rapid to implement cloud solution that updates itself, meaning users will always have access to the latest updates. It makes no changes to the standard Business Central or NAV, and requires no ERP upgrades. 


The many benefits of implementing an expense management tool into your business are vast. In these turbulent economic times, it is vital to stay on top of your business’s cash flow. Properly managing expenses can make a significant difference in your company’s profitability. 


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