Zetadocs Expenses for BC/NAV: From Express to Plus editions

The Zetadocs Expense Management App offers comprehensive expense management for your business. There are three editions of the Expense Management App ranging from the Express edition to the feature rich Essentials edition to the customizable Plus edition. All editions seamlessly integrate with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and NAV. 


The Zetadocs Expenses Express edition for Business Central SaaS offers the core Expense Management solution with 25 users and no software cost. The simple setup edition offers a range of core features such as expense approval on the go, total visibility of expense reports, fast expense submittal and export to Business Central. 


The Zetadocs Essentials edition offers all the core features of the Express edition with a higher level of automation, control and reporting insights within the app. The increased automation allows for company credit card payments to automatically be reconciled and exported to Business Central, saving your financial team time. The greater level of control allows for companies to set limits on certain types of expenses and for monthly vehicle reports separate monthly personal mileage from business trips in company cars. The Essentials edition also uses Microsoft Office products such as Power BI and Excel to make it easier to visualize your budget.


The Plus edition provides a customizable expense management solution that includes all the features of the Essentials edition, with the added flexibility to support any specific business requirements that you may have around the process of exporting approved expense reports into Business Central. When approved expenses are exported into Business Central, by creating a purchase invoice and/or journal entry, it is possible to customize this process to alter the content and/or format that Business Central fields are populated with. 


Each Zetadocs Expenses edition offers your business an end-to-end expense management solution, with a range of features to benefit both your finance teams and employees. Finance teams will benefit from significant time savings by dispensing with spread sheets and paper for managing employees’ expenses. Employees will benefit from being able to submit their expenses in a more efficient and convenient way. 


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