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Unified commerce software solutions

LS Central is a unified commerce system that helps you keep it all under control. It's one system that replaces all the separate platforms you are using now.

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Innovative technology and meaningful data

All data is collected in one central place, so you can track sales, stock, and productivity in real-time, in all your locations, from the back office.

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Seamless customer experiences anytime, anywhere

With LS Central you can finally know your business and your customers, and create experiences they will love.

LS Central is the perfect software solution for all types of businesses


Gain an edge over the competition with our comprehensive software solutions for retailers. Obtain an end-to-end view of your business, streamline your inventory, enhance your POS terminals and offer your customers an exceptional Omni-channel shopping experience.

  • View Apparel & Fashion
  • View Electronics Stores
  • View Furniture Stores
  • View Grocery Stores
  • View Pet Stores
  • View Pharmacy
  • View Leisure and Entertainment
  • View Duty Free and Travel Retail
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Restaurant & food service

Streamline your whole business, control your costs and deliver your food quick and accurately with our end-to-end software solutions. Our system lets you centrally manage your inventory, kitchen, restaurant floor and POS terminals, so you can always make sure that you are running a productive, successful operation.

  • View quick service and fast casual dining
  • View full service restaurants

Manage your whole business from one software platform

The retail industry is tough, fast-moving and extremely competitive. From multi-channel presence to complex inventory to enhanced customer service, retailers face an increasing number of challenges in their day-to-day operations.
Omni-channel retail is a major part of business today: customers around the world increasingly want to be able to access their favourite brands, get information and shop through a variety of channels. E-commerce sales continue to grow rapidly while traditional stores are being transformed into show rooms and entertainment centres. Mobility is expected more and more not just outside the store, through apps and loyalty schemes, but also inside the shop itself.

Managing a multi-channel operation is hard – it becomes even harder when too many IT system are in place to handle the different sides of the business. Different platforms often cannot communicate properly, creating inconsistent data, waste of time and uncontrolled costs.

With LS Central you will be able to meet all these challenges and more, consolidating your business today, tomorrow and beyond.

Cut costs, save time

Simplify your IT environment. When you run your business from one centralized system, you:

  • reduce complexity
  • Cut software and system administration costs
  • Say goodbye to inconsistent financial data
  • Gain centralized control over prices, inventory, offers, orders, customers, and product content
  • Access all the vital business information you need, exactly when you need it
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Optimize your operations

Maintain total control over your enterprise. LS Central features specialized functionality to:

  • Optimize staff maangement and improve performance
  • Lower inventory levels up to 35%
  • Reduce workload with automations
  • Decrease stock-outs and boost customer retention
  • Analyze your vendor performance
  • Achieve your profit targets

Increase customer retention

Get clear, real-time information on your customer’s habits, preferences and behaviours, and use it to:

  • Offer personalized deals, promotions, and customer interactions
  • Optimize your upselling and cross-selling
  • Align pricing and replenishment to actual demand
  • Create effective loyality programs
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Point of Sale

The LS Central POS runs on traditional POS terminals, as well as on your favourite computer, tablet, or mobile device.

  • Show & compare products available across all your store locations
  • Access detailed product information
  • Give personalized sales advice to customers
  • Spurce out-of-stock items from another location or warehouse
  • Increase basket size with recommendations based on your customers’ shopping history

Inventory Management

Manage your stock optimally, minimizing inventory while reducing stock-outs, with a mix of manual and automated replenishment tools:

  • Manage seasonal items & plan the buying process
  • Allocate items to stores & plan buffer quantities for the warehouse
  • Save time by automating basic replenishment tasks
  • Maintain control over which products are availalble in each store
  • Manage sales and purchasing budgets
  • Caculate the difference between required and available inventory
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ls retail product management

Product Management

Centrally manage and update products, prices, and offers for all your sales channels:

  • Import items and lists in bulk
  • All inventory items can be categorized based on a three-level hierarchy
  • Design promotions and offers that maximize returns and customer satisfaction
  • Offers can be triggered on the POS by specific items or group of items
  • Assign unique attributes to each item (colour, material, style, etc.)

Staff Management

Maximize your staff productivity and satisfaction. Plan and distrubute staff rosters, oversee and approve work hours, and gain a clear overview of cost & budget requirements:

  • Centrally access alll time registration, budgeting & planning informaton for your enterprise
  • Calculate staff costs and analyze performance
  • Give employees the flexibility they need, while keeping control over the staffing budget
  • In the employee portal, staff can monitor their hours, upcoming shifts, see their manager’s resonse to requests, and more
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Reporting & Analysis

Reduce shrinkage and prevent losses using the real-time insights into your business’s key financials:

  • Track all of yourt KPI’s and build dashboards to answer all your questions
  • Understand where customers are making purchases, identify trends & more
  • Colud-based Business Intelligence alllows you to visualize your business data in an immediate, visual way
  • Set up alerts, and react quickly to protect your margins
  • On-premises Business Intelligence is implemented in your own environment, granting you full control on all aspects of the system


Deliver a consistent shopping experience across all your sales channels. LS Central seamlessly communicates with your eCommerce platform:

  • A unified commerce systems ensures your business information is always consistent
  • Out-of-the box integration with Magneto, Avensia and DynamicWeb
  • Click & collect enables customers to shop online and then choose whether they would like their goods to be delivered or pick them up
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