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Unified commerce software solutions

LS Central combines separate platforms you are using into one unified system. This allows you to gain a holistic view of your business.

ls retail innovation

Innovative technology and meaningful data

Information on stock, sales, and productivity can be monitored from all locations straight from your centralized back office.

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Seamless customer experiences anytime, anywhere

Get to know your customers better with LS Central and build experiences that are more relatable to them.

LS Central is now available as Software as a Service (Saas).

You don’t need to worry about system maintenance, updates and upgrades anymore. LS Central brings you the power to run your business online in the cloud. If your network goes down, your POS systems will still be able to operate offline. Once you are up and running again, the system will automatically upload your new data to the cloud.


Gain an edge over the competition with our comprehensive software solutions for retailers. Obtain an end-to-end view of your business, streamline your inventory, enhance your POS terminals and offer your customers an exceptional Omni-channel shopping experience.

  • Apparel & Fashion
  • Electronics Stores
  • Furniture Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • & more


Streamline your whole business, control your costs and deliver your food quick and accurately with our end-to-end software solutions. Our system lets you centrally manage your inventory, kitchen, restaurant floor and POS terminals, so you can always make sure that you are running a productive, successful operation.

  • Quick service and fast casual dining
  • Full-service restaurants
  • Catering
  • Fast food outlets
  • Hotels, entertainment, and resorts
  • & more

With LS Central you will be able to consolidate your business today, tomorrow and beyond.

Reduce costs and increase productivity

Simplify your business when you use one centralized system.

  • Reduce software and administration costs
  • Increase productivity by removing complexity
  • Have consistent financial data for business reporting
  • Achieve control over inventory, prices, offers, customers, and more all from a centralized back-office system
  • Stay on top of important information about your business when you need it most
ls retail reduce costs
ls retail inventory

Enhance business operations

Gain access to advanced functionality features when using LS Central:

  • Have better control over staff management
  • Reduce inventory levels and costs
  • Automations to help you boost customer retention, workload, and achieve your targets
  • Build closer relationships with vendors and track their performance

Grow your customer base

Gain insights into who your customers really are. Learn their preferences, behaviours, and align your business goal with them:

  • Cross sell and upsell to existing customers
  • Build personalized experiences for existing customers
  • Create a loyalty program to show appreciation of their support
  • Align pricing with actual demand
ls retail sales
la retail software

Point of Sale (POS)

LS Central POS allows you to run on multiple devices, such as tablet, mobile device or computer.

  • Stay on top of product inventory across multiple locations
  • Equip staff to offer personalized assistance in store with upselling and cross selling.
  • Offer recommendations to clients in-store to increase revenue based on their shopping history


Inventory Control

Ls Central technology allows automation and manual processes to help you stay on top of inventory management. Control supply and demand with efficient seasonal buying and selling processes:

  • Automate replenishment jobs to save you time
  • Control quantities of stock in the warehouse for better allocation to stores
  • Maintain control over which products are available in each store
  • Manage sales and purchasing budgets
  • Calculate the difference between required and available inventory
la retail inventory management
ls retail product management

Product Control

The convenience of a centralized back office allows to manage updates, prices and more for your products. Gain insights into all your sales channels:

  • Bulk importing of products saves time
  • With the convenience of a hierarchy system you can group products in tiers
  • Create specialized offers on the POS system for categorized products
  • Allocate unique features to products like size, colour, material, etc.

Staff Control

Increase your staff’s productivity and happiness. Monitor working hours and distribute staff effectively with productive staff rosters:

  • Obtain a holistic view of budgeting, planning, staff leave, manager requests, and more.
  • Approve leave, analyze performance, and provide flexibility to your employees all from a centralized system
ls retail workforce
ls retail reporting

Advanced reporting

Become a more profitable business when using real-time insights into your financials:

  • Set KPI’s to reflect in customizable dashboards to suit your needs
  • Build a better relationship with your customers by identifying relevant trends and purchase history
  • Easy to use cloud-based business intelligence lets you transform your business
  • Set flags to notify you quickly so you can make informed decisions fast
  • On-premise business intelligence allows you to have control over your solution


Unify your sales channels using an omni-channel approach with LS Central:

  • Seamlessly integrate your Ecommerce platform with your business to create consistent success
  • Integration with Magento, Avensia, and DynamicWeb
  • Use click & collect functionality to suit your customers need of shopping online and collecting when it suits them
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Software Enhancers

Additional solutions to enhance your LS Central solution

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